• April 1994 Young Soloists Concert, Budapest, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, MTV, Hungary

  • May 1997 Prizewinners concert, Andor Földes Piano Competition, Hungarian Radio

  • October 1997 Recital and Interwiew, Zemplén TV, Hungary

  • February 1998 Bach recital, Hungarian Radio Marble Hall, Bartók Radio

  • April 2000 Recital, Hungarian Radio Marble Hall, Bartók Radio 

  • July 2000 Concert-recordings, International Bartók Festival, Szombathely, Hungary, MTV, Duna TV

  • August 2000 Opening recital and prizewinners concert, Prague-Vienna-Budapest Summer Academy of Music, Baden bei Wien, Austrian National Radio 

  • August 2000 Reference material, Demo CD, Aviso studio, Hungary

  • November2000 Diploma concert, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Bartók Radio

  • November 2000 Feast concert, the 125. anniversary of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Duna TV

  • November 2000 Savaria Interforum Festival, Szombathely, Hungary, Bartók Hall, Szombathely TV

  • August 2001 Masterclass of Zoltán Kocsis, a film by András Kroó 

  • September 2001 Chamber music concert, Szeged Chamber Music Festival, JATE, József Attila University, Auditorium, Szeged TV, Hungary

  • May 2002 Documentation Recording, the Austrian National Library, Music Institut, Vienna

  • July 2002 International Bartók Festival, Final concert, Bartók Hall, Szombathely TV

  • July 2002 Chamber music reference material, demo CD, UdK Studio, Berlin

  • November 2002 Recital recording and interview, Slovakian Radio, Bratislava

  • February 2003 Fischer Annie Scholarship holders and prizewinners Festival, Hungarian Radio Marble Hall

  • May 2003 Recital recording, Aviso Studio, Hungary 

  • October 2003 Opening concert of the Szeged Autumn Festival and the Szeged Chamber Music Festival, Szeged TV, Hungary

  • October 2003 Recital recording, Aviso Studio

  • March 2004 Recital recording and interwiew, pPIANISSIMO Contemporary Music Festival, Bulgarian National Radio, Sofia

  • August 2004 Recital recording and interwiew, Zemplén Festival, Hungary, Zemplén TV

  • November 2004 Chamber music concert, Hungarian Radio Marble Hall, Bartók Radio

  • September 2012 A film on Tokaj - ARD: 2 solo piano pieces

  • October 2013 Splinters - 20th century Hungarian piano works (Kodály, Lajtha, Ligeti, György Kurtág, Zoltán Jeney, Gyula Csapó), Odradek Records


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